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Equipment Introduction

The aluminum foil dual axis slitting machine is mainly suitable for rewinding and slitting aluminum foil. This machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC control system, touch screen display, vector variable frequency motor, and tension detection system to control the tension of the entire machine, and the surface center friction coiling method. It also has functions such as automatic deviation correction, automatic meter counting, and automatic acceleration and deceleration. It has the advantages of compact mechanical structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable design, complete functions, convenient operation, and easy learning. The human-machine interface is intuitive and can monitor the machine's operating status and detect machine faults in real-time. The maximum operating speed of this machine can reach 400m/min.

Suitable for rewinding and slitting 0.006-0.04mm aluminum foil, widely used in industries such as cigarette packaging, food packaging, and new energy aluminum batteries.


Characteristic description

1.Using PLC as the central controller and touch screen for human-machine interaction. The executive motor is a special asynchronous servo motor drive with excellent torque characteristics. 2.The communication between PLC and driver is achieved through CANOPEN bus, ensuring stable control signals and timely response.
3.The upper and lower reels are each controlled by a set of servo motors, and the reeling tension is automatically controlled, so there will be no speeding during material breakage
4.Automatic tension control for unwinding; The unwinding tension is automatically calculated and adjusted based on the unwinding diameter, ensuring stable tension,
5.The winding support pressure is automatically calculated, and real-time support pressure can be obtained by setting initial parameters.
6.The cutting blade adopts a servo active circular blade, and the cutting speed is adjustable. Improved blade life and cutting material edge defects.
7.The control system is equipped with Ethernet, scan gun, printer, and other interfaces, which can achieve remote real-time maintenance.
8.The operation interface adopts a color touch screen, which can directly set various parameters and view the operation status on the screen
9.One click full automatic operation for the entire roll, which means automatic shutdown from start, acceleration, constant speed, deceleration, and no material;
10.Automatic stop for material interruption, no material, and set length automatic stop
11.The base is manufactured using high-strength steel structure welding and forming technology, and undergoes annealing treatment to ensure the rigidity and stability of the machine.
12.The rubber layer of the coiling roller is made of imported polyurethane material, which has stable performance and is wear-resistant and durable.


Technical parameters


Equipment substrate direction

Normal unwinding on the left and rewinding on the right (can be customized according to the customer's site and operating habits)

Applicable substrates

0 state, H14, H18 state single zero aluminum foil, thickness: 0.006-0.04mm

Substrate Width

300mm-1650mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Mechanical Speed


Working speed

50-300 m/min (depending on process and material)

Guide roller web width

1750mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Material Roll Diameter

Unwinding Max800mm, Rewinding Max600mm

Unwinding method

The overall loading and unloading of the air shaft

Winding method

Surface and center type, double winding shaft, upper and lower structure

Unwind mandrel size

3″ (φ76.2mm), 6″ (φ152mm), aluminum or iron pipe

Rewinding Mandrel Size

3″ (φ76.2mm), aluminum or iron pipe

Splitting method

Slotted roller + straight knife (integral movable knife holder), high-precision round knife for aluminum foil

Finished Width

≥200mm (depending on material material, thickness, winding diameter)

Rewinding end

No burrs, patterns, split layers, ruffles, uniform tension

Working Power

The total power is about 50KW, three-phase 380V, 50HZ

Working air pressure

6kg/cm³ (Max. 7kg/cm³)

Outer dimensions


Device Color

Off-white (according to customer requirements)

Complete machine quality

About 3 tons


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