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Equipment Introduction

When slitting lithium battery separators, it is often found that the width of the separator is too wide or there are some defects. Improve product utilization. Combining years of production experience, our company has developed the GC450 cutting machine, which is specially used for cutting and cutting lithium battery films.


Characteristic Description

Using color touch screen and Siemens 200 series PLC, stable operation and humanized operation;

It has the functions of automatic constant tension unwinding, tapered tension control winding, fixed length (diameter) stop, and stop tension maintenance;

The variable frequency motor is used as the traction and winding drive, so that the line speed and tension of the whole machine can be dynamically and synchronously controlled automatically, and it has the characteristics of fast response and stable control;

The whole machine is designed as a whole with casters and adopts 220V power supply, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, etc. At the same time, it is flexible and convenient to move, and is not limited by the factory space and power supply conditions;


Technical Parameter


Equipment substrate direction

Unwind on the right, rewind on the left (facing the operating surface of the equipment)

Applicable substrates

PE/PP/battery separator   Thickness: 5-30μm

Substrate Width


Mechanical Speed


Working speed

50-150 m/min (depending on process and material)

Guide roller web width


Material Roll Diameter

Unwinding Max300mm, Rewinding Max300mm

Unwinding method

The air shaft rotates at a small angle (single station or double station is optional)

Winding method

Separate left and right, independent arm or air shaft (choose one)

Unwind mandrel size

3 inch paper core

Rewinding Mandrel Size

Double independent arm: 3-inch paper core or special plastic core, double inflatable shaft: 3-inch paper core (optional 6-inch nylon sleeve)

Splitting method

Straight knife (with fixed size spacer)

The uniformity of winding section

Rewinding end face deviation ±0.5mm

Tension Control Accuracy

Tension range of the whole machine: 2-100N/full width, precision±1N

Power usage

Power about 2.0KW, single-phase AC 220V

Working air pressure

6kg/cm³ (Max. 7kg/cm³)

Outer dimensions


Device Color

Off-white (according to customer requirements)

Complete machine quality


key word:

High speed lithium battery separator coating machine/lithium battery separator cutting machine/lithium battery separator modification machine