Xinruichino: APE membrane is here, a blue ocean market that cannot be underestimated!

Li Xuecheng, General Manager of Shantou Lishen Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd., has conducted in-depth technical discussions and tests on the performance of PVA coatings and PE substrates, as well as tension control of equipment, production process, oven design, and other aspects. Lishen Machinery Mr. Li is also an expert with over 20 years of experience in coating machinery design and manufacturing, and a deep understanding of coating technology. The two senior experts have formed a strong alliance, and after more than a year of diligent research and repeated testing, Finally, a customized coating machine suitable for APE was made.


High barrier coating, 400m/min, high-speed cutting, zero stretching!

As a functional packaging material, soft packaging film materials often require good barrier properties, such as water resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance, etc. There are four basic ways to improve barrier performance...

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