Equipment Introduction

The double-sided water-based membrane coating machine is designed with two models for customers to choose from: vertical and horizontal. It is mainly composed of unwinding unit, feeding traction unit, preheating unit, front coating unit, hot air oven drying unit 1, shaping cooling unit 1, reverse coating unit, hot air oven drying unit 2, shaping cooling unit 2, winding traction unit, winding unit, and electronic control system; Apply the stirred slurry evenly on the substrate, ensuring that the size, weight, etc. are within the design specifications. After drying and shaping treatment, roll it up to prepare for the subsequent process. This machine is suitable for evenly coating water-based coatings on electronic diaphragm layers. This machine integrates light, machinery, and electricity, and is carefully designed, manufactured, and assembled. It has uniform coating, neat winding surface, stable running tension, and convenient operation, making it an ideal water-based coating equipment for diaphragms.


Characteristic Description

The control adopts COTRUST PLC, with stable operation and user-friendly operation;
The unwinding and rewinding are automatically changed at two workstations, saving time and improving efficiency
The unwinding and correction system adopts a universal source ultrasonic correction system, which is sensitive in action and has high accuracy;
The winding correction adopts a universal source ultrasonic belt misalignment function correction system, which is sensitive in action and has high accuracy;
The winding meter can be stored multiple times and historical records can be displayed;
The coating is sealed scraper kiss coating, with controllable accuracy and uniform adhesive application
Traction vacuum roller traction reduces film scratches and improves product quality
The guide roller of the oven adopts a fully active transmission to overcome tension fluctuations caused by membrane thermal deformation
Winding gap type follow-up pressure roller ensures stable winding tension
The mechanical design, processing, and assembly standards of the entire machine are unified, and the wall panels are processed in pairs. After annealing treatment, they are bored and milled multiple times in the machining center, ensuring the precision of the entire machine


Technical Parameter


Applicable coating substrate

PE/PP/battery separator   Thickness: 5-25μm

Coating layer thickness


Guaranteed Coating Width

400mm-1300mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Coating method

Double-sided micro-groove roller reverse coating + (rotary spraying), easy to switch

Coating layer thickness

Dry thickness 1.0-4.0μm, single-sided coating surface density 3-7g/㎡

Shrink ratio

When the thickness of the original PP film is 12um and the width is 1000mm, the shrinkage of the finished product is less than 4mm

Mechanical Speed


Coating working speed

20-150 m/min (depending on process and material)

Guide roller web width

1400mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Material Diameter

Unwinding Maxφ500mm, rewinding Maxφ500mm, (can be customized according to actual situation)

Unwinding and rewinding mandrel size

Using the cone-top reel fixing method, the 6-inch\8-inch reel can be switched by replacing the cone-top, and the core width is Max.1400mm.

Guide roller surface treatment

A aluminum roller: surface hard oxidation HV700, mirror finish B steel roller: hard chrome plated mirror finish

Coil Weight


The uniformity of winding section

Misaligned winding end face≤5mm

Tension Control Accuracy

Tension range of the whole machine: 0-100N/full width, precision±2N

Heating Oven

The total length of the two layers is 40 meters, the single layer is 20 meters, 4 meters per section, air blowing from the top and bottom, independent temperature control of each section, and frequency conversion control of the intake fan

Heating method

Electric oven heating (can be customized according to actual situation)

Oven temperature

The outer temperature of the oven is < room temperature + 20°C (except for the connection port), the maximum wind speed is 12 m/s, the maximum temperature is 120°C, and the accuracy is ±1°C



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