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Equipment Introduction

The diaphragm slitting machine is one of the key equipment in the production process of lithium battery material separators. Its working method is to use an upright tool (roller or razor) to cut a certain width of diaphragm coil into several narrow width required separators. This machine adopts Siemens PLC control system, touch screen display, servo motor and tension detection system to control the tension of the entire machine, and the surface center friction coiling method. It also has functions such as automatic deviation correction, automatic meter counting, and automatic acceleration and deceleration. It has the advantages of compact mechanical structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable design, complete functions, convenient operation, and easy learning. The human-machine interface is intuitive and can monitor the operation status of the machine in real-time and detect machine faults, making it an ideal diaphragm cutting equipment.


Characteristic DescriptionAdopting a color touch screen and Siemens Smart 200 series PLC, stable operation and user-friendly operation;
Equipped with automatic constant tension unwinding, taper tension control unwinding, fixed length (diameter) shutdown, and shutdown tension maintenance functions;
The winding meter can be stored multiple times and historical records can be displayed;
Adopting a servo motor as the traction and winding drive to achieve dynamic synchronous automatic control of the overall linear speed and tension, it has the characteristics of fast response speed and stable control;
The rubber layer of the coiling roller is made of imported polyurethane material, which has stable performance and is wear-resistant and durable.
The mechanical design, processing, and assembly standards of the entire machine are unified, and the wall panels are processed in pairs. After annealing treatment, they are bored and milled six times in the machining center, and the internal stress is removed during the machining process.


Technical Parameter


Equipment substrate direction

Normal unwinding on the right and rewinding on the left (can be customized according to the customer's site and operating habits)

Applicable substrates

PP base film, PE base film, composite base film, etc., thickness: 5-30um

Substrate Width

400mm-1350mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Mechanical Speed


Working speed

50-200 m/min (depending on process and material)

Roller Width

1400mm (can be customized according to actual situation)

Material Roll Diameter

Unwinding Max600mm, Rewinding Max300mm

Unwinding method

3/6 inch integrated shaftless air top loading, automatic up and down

Winding method

Surface and center type active friction coiling and independent arm passive coiling (can be customized to choose one or both)

Unwind mandrel size

3″, 6″ special paper core for diaphragm

Rewinding Mandrel Size

2 3-inch thru-type air shafts (can be fitted with 6-inch nylon sleeves)

Splitting method

Hob or straight knife (can be customized to choose one or both)

The uniformity of winding section

Rewinding end face deviation ±0.5mm

Tension Control Accuracy

Unwinding: 5-30kgf/full width, Rewinding: 5-30kgf/full width

Working Voltage

The total power is about 12KW, three-phase 380V, 50HZ

Working air pressure

6kg/cm³ (Max. 7kg/cm³)

Outer dimensions


Device Color

According to customer requirements (regular gray and white)

Complete machine quality

About 3 tons

key word:

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