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As a functional packaging material, soft packaging film materials often require good barrier properties, such as water resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance, etc.
There are four basic ways to improve barrier performance:
Using high barrier substrates such as aluminum foil, PVDC film, nylon film, and polyester film;
Using co extrusion method to prepare films, such as EVOH co extrusion film and nylon co extrusion film;
Using coating methods such as aluminum plating, aluminum plating, and silicon oxide plating;
Using the coating method, such as coating PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) or K film, and coating PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) or A film.
Among all A-films, APE is a coating film that is more difficult to produce because the PE substrate is soft, easy to stretch, and has poor high-temperature resistance, which has special requirements for coating equipment, process, and material performance.
For coating equipment, it is necessary to adapt to problems such as easy stretching, shrinkage deformation, and poor high-temperature resistance of PE film. The accuracy and requirements of tension control are extremely high, and how to balance the temperature setting of the oven and the coating effect is a challenge. If a coating equipment can produce APE, then coating any other substrate is not a problem!
After more than two years of debugging and improvement, Shantou Lishen Machinery has jointly developed a coating equipment with a width of 2.4m and a speed of 400m/min.


This device has successfully overcome multiple difficulties, solving the problem of high-speed cutting and splicing of single pulling MDOPE winding, leveling of high-speed coating, thermal efficiency of the oven after coating, and zero stretching of the film in the oven after coating!


Unique oven design, successfully achieving zero stretching of the substrate
Equipment highlights
1. MDOPE automatic cutting technology;
2. High speed coating at 400m/min;
3. Unique oven tension control technology,
Zero stretching of the film.


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